International Night – Makeshift Chili and Quesada

Beet Greens & Fresh Baby Corn In Fiery Red...

We came up with a plan bought a fancy dancy calendar to plot it out.  Frist we were going have each day have a planned meal Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, there was even spots for snacks I did say fancy dancy did I not. Our theory was that with the week planned out this way we could easily draw up a shopping list. As we looked at it reality began to sink in, I have oatmeal every morning and a salad for lunch the only thing that changes up for me is dinner and maybe breakfast on the weekend. Lyn was in a similar situation so dinners it was. I felt or Lyn felt I felt stifled being held to a specific dish I am a more of a cook from the gut kind of guy, open the cabinets and see what I have.  So we settled for dinner theme of the day Mondays is Sandwich night, Tuesdays leftovers, Wednesdays Vegetarian, Thursday International, Friday breakfast, Saturday is fish except its St. Patrick’s this Saturday so corn beef and Genesis, Sunday – special whatever hits our fancy while shopping.

So let me tell you since we decided this on Sunday night when Thursday came and I panicked on the way home what the heck did I have in the house that would qualify? I got home open both the freezer and frig wide and stared. My eyes caught 2 frozen chopped sirloin burger patties,½ Red bell pepper, onions, some left over tomatoes sauce, cheddar cheeses,  3 whole wheat wraps, baby portabella mushrooms, kale, 1 scallions mmmmmm…..the bell went off in mind Chile and Quesada with some of that left of guacamole Lyn made.   I was not sure how this would come out so I did not measure of take pictures.

I grabbed the patties and semi defrosted in the micro wave, in the meantime I sautéed about a ¼ of a cup of the onions roughly chopped and ¼ of a cup of the red peppers for a few minutes added the meat and broke it into small pieces while browning. When it was browned I added a good double pinch of chili powder, ancho pepper powder, Mexican oregano,  a couple of good shakes of cayenne powder, salt and pepper. Then I added the tomatoes sauce maybe was about a cup and half. Brought to boil and simmer over low it was reduced about half a nice thicker side chili.

While that was simmering I chopped the scallion, 3 mushroom, cilantro and small piece of leftover chicken and shredded the cheddar (divided). I placed all ingredients on ½ of the whole wheat wrap folded and heated up in a nonstick fry pan until the cheese was melted then top with some of the cheddar cover with top to melt the cheese.

I had planned to serve with some of the guacamole but Lyn came home in the meantime and we munched on it with some chips.

I have to say and she will back me up this came out really good that I am kicking myself for not writing it down or taking pictures. Oh well there is always next time.


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