Mornin Oatmeal

I guess the older one gets the more set in their ways they become. Look around everyone has their quirks from the same breakfast routine to one who has to enter office from a certain door, drive a certain route, getting ready for bed……. Routines they are there with us all the time once set are hard to break you can chuckle at them they are kind of funny. What are a few of your routines? One of my many is my mornings, I come down stairs around 5 AM have my juice and daily supplements, turn on the coffee maker, go to the living room and do my 33.5 minutes of Qi Gong, then I make my oatmeal and coffee sit and watch the news until I see the weather (heh I am getting older for some reason it has become important), then I write my “morning” email to my family, get ready for work and leave. That was one long sentence I told you I am a flow of thought writer.


½ cup organic rolled oats

1 cup water

Pinch or 2 of ground cinnamon

Small hand full of raisins

Small hand full of whole raw unsalted almonds

Morin Oatmeal


Combine all ingredients in small pot simmer to desired thickness.

You can serve with cut up banana, apple whatever I like it without.

You can prepare with walnuts

You can use milk if you like

I’m just telling you my routine


3 thoughts on “Mornin Oatmeal

  1. If I might be so bold as to suggest a more toothsome version of steel cut oats. Preparation is a bit more time consuming, but I have a trick for that. Plus, you can keep it in portions in the freezer, or just keep working a batch throughout the week. You will be much more satisfied. Guaranteed.

    Meanwhile….wish I had a good kitchen and dining room to lord over like you!

    • Lyn loves the steel cut oats, also Irish oatmeal, and does the make a batch and use during the week. Never thought of freezing which is odd since my parents froze everything. Couldn’t get a piece of bread without defrosting.
      So what’s this trick your holding out on us?

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