I Was Bored The Other Day – Chicken

Not sure what time it was or how I found this picture but I was snurfing the net, yes snurfing, an art much like using a TV remote in a man’s hands. I am male and way back when the males supposedly did the hunting. Now I bet cha there are a lot of cave women out there that would beg to differ and I would not be one to disagree but I once heard that  the art of channel surfing is a replacement for hunting with a man. Something to point and shoot in a sense. They went on to explain why  yada yada…. now there was someone with too much time on their hands.

Anyway I once dubbed that art form “snurfing” and it has crossed over to my wandering aimless through the vast realms of the internet. The blank stare is about the same as are the raised eyebrows and sudden freezing action when something catches my attention. Wait a minute who is the hunted one here? I came across this picture and I LIKE I muttered in a grunt. Quickly Pinning it so I don’t lose.



Nice job sorry I can’t give you credit whomever you are!


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