Poached Salmon

We had never made Poached Salmon so as Lyn looked over some recipes, I texted My Brother Mike. He hates salmon but Nancy loves it and being a good partner he makes it for her all the time. he texted back ” Very Simple. I put a small amount of lemon juice and water in the pan. Put salmon  in pan. Sprinkle it with no salt pepper mix . Cover. Steam on low for about eight minutes or until done.” I relayed the info to Lyn but when it came time to do it we changed a few things and forgot to cover. Cam out great in fact made it again mid week.


This is a quick delicious meal.


What we did was put some dry white wine, a little water, sliced lemon, fresh dill, chopped shallots then put salmon in. brought to a simmer and cooked about 10-12 minutes. I suppose it would have been faster with it covered. SO funny Lyn asked and my memory being what it is I said no.

We all liked it, I was not hungry but tried a piece which ended up being a whole serving. Mike was some and had some later he had his stamp of approval.



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