Grilled Bone in Ribeye Steak with BBQ Roasted New Potatoes.

Wholefoods was having a sale and I love a good Ribeye so grilled up this baby with a little coffee rub and some BBQ roasted new potatoes.

Rub steak out of fridge with coffee rub – I made some a while back so I always have a a can at the ready. let it sit and come close to room temp. Pat dry and grill them up.

I sometimes will put steak in freezer for 10-15 minutes before grilling this gives a nice crisp out side and it does not dry out the inside during cooking, but this I like the rib eye on the rare side so was not afraid of drying it out.


Put the potatoes in a little olive oil , salt pepper and rosemary, wrapped in tin foil with a few holes in it to vent the steam

I placed on the grill while heating up

I finished off open with cut side down on the flatten tin foil.



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