Spatchcock trial

This Thanksgiving I decided to try spatchcoking the turkey so I decided to try it out on a chicken first. I’ve done something similar before on the grill but had weighed it down with tin foil cover bricks. That was a long time ago but I remember it was fast and tasty. So off to Price Chopper for some last minute Tday supplies and I grabbed a small roasting chicken. After cutting the backbone out and performing some, what looked like CPR, the chicken was flat and ready. I did a Williams’s Sonoma key lime rub sprayed with some oil and threw into a 450 oven. My first inclination was to reduce the heat but more than one recipe I skimmed said no, so what the heck. After about 40 minutes it was up to temp and letting sit for 30 minutes the skin was crispy and the meat, even the white, was moist, juicy and delicious. You can tel im not a white meat fan. In fact we had some chicken sandwiches on our annual drive to Missy and Mark’s DC Thanksgiving. I’m ready for tomorrow bring it on turkey!

I do have to admit that since Lyn shuns apon eating the skin, I removed and made sure there was none left. My stomach let me know about it later but it sure was good going down.


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