What did I just eat?

Last night Lyn and I had an appointment around dinner time. On our way back we had to make a pit stop and there it was McDonald’s staring me in the face. Although I had eaten a sandwich earlier and I was not really hungry in the back of my mind there were voices from the distant past. Niece Lauren’s quote “..they make very fine food there” toddler Mike’s voice and smile “happy meal!”, even my former road warrior days self “boy that hit the spot”. Maybe it was the blinding bright lights or the sort of happy faces of those waiting in line, I am not sure but I gave in, I was weak. So was Lyn she got a Shamrock shake minus the whipped cream.

What I thought I got

What I thought I got

There we were back in the car and it was dark, thank you very much, safely on our way and I took my first bite. What did I just eat? All I tasted was air-filled white bread, pickle, extra sweet ketchup, onions and something else not quite sure it must have been meat. Fine food? Happy Meal? Satisfying? No, not one bit. BTW the shake was nothing but a vanilla shake with green food coloring. “They used to taste like mint” Lyn kept saying.

Probably closer to what I got

Probably closer to what I got

The trash can in the garage was our first stop and then for me some Tums just to play it safe.

I guess over the years my tastes have changed along with the quality of food that my palate expects but that for sure has cured me of any fast food cravings for a long long time.

Oh forgot to mention one thing remained consistent the after taste of what I can only closely associate with soap. What you never got your mouth washed out?

To those of you who still love this food more power to you and I have no less respect for you I was once there but I have changed. It’s me not you…….


2 thoughts on “What did I just eat?

  1. I tell my students this all the time– your tastes change. Foods you thought you loved can taste overwhelmingly fatty, salty, sugary. Just ask Mark.

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