Smoked BBQ Bone in Chicken Breast


We were at Wholefoods today to pick up some yogurt and bone in chicken split breasts on sale, needless to say the two bags I brought in with us were not enough, we have to stop walking the isles. Hey, just trying to get our steps in! I’m all for the 10,000 steps a day diet check it out.  There are arguments for bone in and bone out I recently went back to bone in and found that it cooks juicier and with more flavor. You may disagree but that is just how I feel this week. Anyway we picked up about 8 lbs., hit the food saver on our return and I decided to leave a couple out. I made a quick brine of kosher salt and a little raw sugar let the chicken in sit in it for about 1 hour in the frig.




I had seen these FLAVORWOOD smoke in a can things asked Lyn the next time she is on Amazon to pick up some. She gets free shipping cause she shops so much. After paper towel drying I let sit covered to get closer to room temp. Once the grill heated up that little can was smoking up a storm there is this little hole on the top and the smoke comes billowing out. Either oil the grates or chicken and put skin down over hot fire for about 2-3 minutes until the skin starts to slight brown and bubble, oil the other side and flip for about 2-3 minutes. Turn the heat off on one side of grill spread the chicken with Rufus Teague BBQ sauce about 1/3 cup,




cook 15-25 minutes cover both side with another 1/3 cup and continue to cook skin side up on the cold side of grill. Cook until it reaches about 160 degree, remove from grill cover loosely for about 10 minutes. While this was resting I grilled some fresh asparagus. Did you know that asparagus are better for you when eaten raw? Try it they are good, I julienned and used in coleslaw and in my minced chicken lettuce wraps.


BBQ Chicken Breast bone in


So we both like this meal hence it goes up on the site.  Plus the bones gave me something to suck the last of the sauce off of,  the cashier today said that the sauce was awesome and she was right.




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