Delicious pancakes goes way back to Mom but my twists

Sorry I know it been up for awhile I forgot about it.

My mom used to make us what she called delicious pancakes. She would do a heaping table spoon of flour, same cottage cheese one egg and cook them up the delious part to get us to eat cottage cheese is sprinkle sugar on top.

Then along came the Ducan diet experiment and here is my take on this and there are many but recently my favorite breakfast has been

two table spoons oat bran,

two heaping tablespoons cottage cheese,

2 table spoons egg whites,

large pinch or small handful of sunflower seeds

sometimes a pinch of cinimon.

Mix together , melt a little butter over high heat,

imediately lower to medium heat.

Cook until it slides around maybe a few minutes. This is the tricky parts and does take a few times to learn. Flipping when it slides but notice if it is jiggley, sorry to get so technical, wait…when it is not jiggly flip cooking for a few minutes. Top with a spalsh of maple syrup, not to much just a hint. Thia is for one serving.

You can use this for waffles also but Lyn found what she says is better will post another time. I found that 1/4 cup of everything was good for an individual waffle maker but was in the heavy side will try what Lyn found later.


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