Air Fryer

For Xmas Missy sent us a Go Wise Air Fryer, which was funny since Lyn and I had been discussing getting one. We were back and forth since we do not eat a lot of fried foods. Mike in the Akron office had 1 at home and likes it so much he bought a biog one and brought his smaller one to work. Now around lunch time the warehouse smells burgers, fries, steaks and on and on. SO much for running out for fast foods. So with the decision made for us we dove in and tried what else French fries. I tried making my oven fires which came out pretty good but Alexia rosemary frozen fries. Wow they came out great, crispy but not hard in the inside and no oil. Since then tried their sweet potatoes fries and onion rings to put it bluntly we now eat more fries in a month than we previously did in a year. At Eastover this year we had turkey burgers and fries for 20 and the fries were a big hit. I found fries for two can cook in 8-10 minutes. One trick is to preheat the fryer first. Since then I’ve tried my oven fired cutlets, Fish and chips, chicken breast, whole chicken, just about anything you cook in oven I’ll try. At one point we said should we leave on the counter? Still figuring the timing for my dishes but that like time will come.

Here are just a few…


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