Cauliflower Pizza – Veggie night

Lyn declared that Wednesday will be meatless night that is what her Mom used to do and that works for us. Price chopper had this cauliflower crust on sale a few weeks ago 2 for 1 so we grabbed 6 boxes each containing 2. Since we got some snow peas, grape tomatoes, broccoli and scallions in our Misfits box I thought that would good starters. So turned the oven to 425 convection, added toppings of with sauce, oregano, basil from the garden, tomatoes, yellow pepper, baby spinach, and cheese and bakes for about 10 minutes we had ourselves a as we dubbed it spring pizza. It was amazingly filling and fresh tasting. Have already done a second with items from the last box. #CAULIPOWERcrew


One thought on “Cauliflower Pizza – Veggie night

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