Butcher Box

Another Michael suggestion was Butcher Box with Grass-fed beef and free-range chicken are excellent sources of protein and essential nutrients. Naturally-raised pork and beef have a better omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid profile, more linoleic acid — an anti-carcinogen, and more antioxidants. Try here for more info. Anyway they are very flexible and now once a month we get another package deliverer to our door and ready for our freezer. We just chose our second monthly box and there are always specials you can add on.

SO far we got this and tried the strip steak (pan seared and oven roasted) and burgers and the whole chicken.

Oh if you want to try let’s both get something and use this link http://fbuy.me/mJ8al Butcher Box THANKS


2 thoughts on “Butcher Box

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