Misfit Market

My son Michael kept talking about two things Misfit Market and Butcher Box. He had tried these and love them and he is now cooking which makes me very happy. This one boasts Healthy, Affordable, and Ugly fruits and veggies delivered to your door . Only on our third week but so far its been far from Ugly. They have different size boxes and plans we signed up for once a week and the smaller box Approx. 10-12 lbs. of organic mixed fruits and veggies (seasonal produce may include leafy greens—kale, lettuce, arugula—squash, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, peaches, plums, celery, cabbage). Weight of box may vary based on type of produce & season!

I like it because every Friday (you get to choose your delivery day) we get a surprise. You don’t know what you will get but from that you can figure out menus and it forces you to try something new from time to time. Saturday is our normal shopping day and it felt like something was wrong with only a few produce item i the cart like bananas, or something else we needed. Butcher Block also cut down on our meets that on another post.

Our first box was great and most of the items where far from ugly only the broccoli was a little yellow but not soft it tasted perfect and we roasted it with some parsnips, carrots and other stuff. Being organic you don’t get those giant apples or oranges there were no perfectly shaped potatoes but the sweet potato that look like a beet was great last night. Everything so far (on 2nd box, 3rd out for delivery) tasted perfectly fresh with no overripe yada yada yada. On the morning news the other day they did a story and the woman said her only disappointment was there were no ugly produce.

This is first box the 2nd box got scallions, Boston lettuce, artichoke……..

I like the fact that it is all organic, makes Lyn smile, that it is deliverer to my house and that every Friday we get a surprise and get to make up our weekly menu.

Oh if you want to try please use the link below, thanks

Misfits market

Give your friends 25% off their first box. When your friends buy their first box from your invite link

Below is my link use it for your first order to get the 25% off,


from their sire

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