From Scraps To The Table

This year I kind of went crazy with the start from scraps, what i mean by this is you take parts of your veggies and root them. Scallions, tomatoes, Celery, lettuce, bell pepper and squash to name a few. This year I kind of went nuts. I think i only bought maybe 3 seeds or seedlings for the garden. Not having a good spot for a garden because of all the trees I also grabbed two raised beds. That is another story it took literally months with the pandemic to find someone who had them in stock and were shipping.

Anyway Scallions, Celery, lettuce saved the bottoms and placed them in a little water until the roots took and they started to grow and then transplant outside. Misfits Market came in handy for this. Hey, if you decide to try use my code we both save COOKWME-FG1DCQ. Anyway I’m picking tomatoes, Arugula, Lettuce, Herbs already. here is a montage of my work this year.


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