Another attempt at smoked Brisket

I love Brisket some of my best memories are brisket in Texas at Sonny Bryans. Forget who recommended it to Lyn and I but we were sold.

If memory serves it appears to be under or very close to a highway underpass very small and when he ran out he would shut down for the day. I heard that his son took over but I’m sure it is just as good. I remember a porch that had the old fashion school desk with the ink well this is going back 20 maybe 30 years ago. I remember taking my parents, out for a visit from back east, and my Dad muttering under his breath to Mom. ” I’m not eating here” we went back about 3 times in the one week visit.

Anyway I’ve been hooked ever since and always find and try new BBQ places in my travels. One year while transporting our parents car to Florida my brother and I ate Ribs all the way down using yelp to find BBQ places in route. This weekend I tried another attempt at smoking a brisket. The new twist was butcher paper and wrapping in towel and letting sit in a cooler for a few hours.

Got a 4-5 pound Flat cut from Butcherbox applied my rub and wrapped in plastic wrap over night.

Use whatever rub you have mine was mixture of brown sugar, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

This was the first smoking I was doing on my son’s old kettle BBQ so it took me a little while to get it to keep constant temp of 225. I manged to keep it between 2225 and 250 pretty much the whole time. I used chuck charcoal next time I’ll use briquettes. the chucks burned to quickly.

Now I had a slight emergency the thermometer I was using died so I had to keep opening the lid and use my instant every hour or so after the first 3. that and the fact the coals burned to quick kept me doing what your not supposed opening the lid. Anyway I got it to the desired 168ish and took out to wrap with the butcher paper. then back on the grill for another few hours. check it every hour or so with the instant read. Finnaly it got to almost 200 so off it came.

Wrapped with towel paper and all put in cooler and let it sit for a few hours later. I sliced it up and Lyn and I pigged out. My rub was a little on the too salty side for us so I made some Root beer BBQ Sauce to mellow it out. I still have the smoke smell embedded in my nostrils and its been 2 days.

A total of 10 hours latter we ate. Oh it was also over 100 that day with wicked humidity. My fitbit told me I did 48 flights of stairs and over 10K steps.

Came out tender and juicy my best attempt yet.


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