Left over rice

The other day I made some rice for a side dish, nothing fancy just plain jasmine rice. For the side I added some brown sugar and raisins but did not use all the white rice. I figured I would use it for some soup but never got there.

I made stuff pepper with rice, diced sweet onion, ground sirloin, tomatoes sauce and a little red wine vinegar. I also had some green beans that were starting to look peaked so I dice them and added it. Cook inside a half of green pepper with a little water on the bottom of the pan and topped with cheese and turned on the broiler when the pepper had cooked enough.

HAd some of the filling left so today for lunch I made a burrito of sorts. Added salsa and some some cheddar cheese to top it off.

Again nothing fancy just stretching what I had.


2 thoughts on “Left over rice

  1. is Goat Cottage Farm Bakery an actual business? it shows up in my Google map searches but our house is just a short walk away and I’ve never seen a sign….

  2. Yes it is a house with barn that is the gluten free bakery. My wife’s cousin was involved when it open but she has since opened another bakery “The Foodsmith” in Duxbury. Goat Cottage was down a long dirt like road, not sure if it is still open or not. I think the names comes from a goat who showed up after a storm and the owner was never located. The goat adopted the family and location as its own.

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