Some Signs of Spring

Spring brings red breasted robins, cardinals, asparagus, winter hardy herbs, and soil turning preparing the garden….. Last year the neighborhood ground hogs discovered our garden and there was no stopping them, one of the bad sides of now being a petless household. The fish just don’t patrol outside as the dogs did. I love the signs of spring don’t you? Anyway…

Over 10 years ago we moved from 14 Yale drive to the quiet woodsier side of Milford. The houses were more than a house height apart and when we moved in there was only 1 other family in the neighborhood. Yes perceived quiet? Now it is full of neighbors and the kids fill the warm summer like temps with their laughs and screams. As we laid in bed last night I said to Lyn that this is going to be a loud summer all the kids are now or fast approaching the teenage years.  Even as we lay in bed listening to some girls walk past “OMG you sat in his lap, I can’t believe she did that OMG…giggle…giggle like I mean… they faded down the street they were slowly replaced, no drowned out by our favorite sign of spring. Missi used to call it the poor man’s nature sound track.

So today,  I am starting you with a youtube video that you should listen to. (There is no video footage, just sound). If you are not from the northeast, you are probably going to wonder what the heck you are listening to. The noise on this video is made by baby frogs – commonly called peepers around these parts. And with a warmer day they are the first signs of spring we outside of Boston get.

I love this sound! For me, it means spring is on its way and summer is not too far behind – days of gardening, drinking iced tea, cutting the lawn, wearing shorts, no shoes and throwing open my windows once more. That is until the peepers get so loud you have to shut the windows and turn on the AC.

So what lesson can these peppers give you? Who cares they drive us nuts at night.

The interesting thing is that while these peppers sing like this at night, one or two still go on singing during the day. But the birds pick up just about the time the peepers go to sleep.

So the lesson is from peeps to chirps life is but a song.


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