Pork loin roast with fruit stuffing

This is a combination of two recipes that I have made before, fruit stuffed pork chops and fig stuffed pork loin roast with chestnut puree gravy. I started with about a 3 lbs pork loin which I butterflied and pounded  to uniform size,  then salt and peppered (1 tsp kosher salt 1\2 tsp pepper). Made fruit stuffing 1\4 chops fresh orange, 1 cup bread crumbs, 1\2 cup raisins, sprinkle of nutmeg mix well and spread over pork leaving room on edge roll and bind with twine at 1 inch intervals. I wrapped and refrigerated about 6 hours but over night works. Melt 1 tbs butter and olive oil in pan and brown roast all sides about 5 minutes. Put in preheated oven 325 cook until about 142 degree. Remove and cover let sit for 30 minute to an hour.  Reheat pan that you used to brown pour and dripping in melt 2 tbs butter, add 1 cup of hard apple cider, 1\2 cup water, 1 tbs fresh chop thyme. Bring to boil reduce half. Whisk in 1 cup chestnut puree. There ya go slice the meat pour the gravy and eat.

IMG_20160124_100723688 IMG_20160124_100810584 IMG_20160124_100851378 IMG_20160124_101941821 IMG_20160124_102051324 IMG_20160124_150211585 IMG_20160124_150947620 IMG_20160124_160620258 IMG_20160124_165752980_HDR IMG_20160124_165830497 IMG_20160124_170103725Sorry Lyn I like this better than pork tenderloin.



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