Instant Pot – Apple Cider Pork Center Cut Roast or Pork Loin

Center cut Pork roast

Center cut Pork roast

Lyn got a new toy and I have to say at first I figured it was going to be one on those use a couple of times and put on the top shelf. Well I kind of like it and have cooked a few things here is the 3rd thing we tried in our new Instant Pot.

Oh, I found a great cooking time chart: of course depending on the weight the times might be slightly different. Below called for 20 minutes but I had ½ pound more so I added a couple of minutes.(just a guess)

Anyway this was great as was pretty much everything else I made will post later.



  • 2.5  pound  Center Cut Pork Loin – more of a center cut pork loin raost
  • 2  tablespoon  olive oil
  • 2  cup  Hard Cider (can use regualr cider if you want)
  • 1  Medium onion, sliced
  • 2  Apples, cored and sliced
  • 1  tablespoon  Sea Salt
  • 1  tablespoon  Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1  tablespoon  Minced dry onion



  1. Season the pork loin with salt, pepper and minced dry onions.
  2. Place the inner pot in the cooker. Place the olive oil in the inner pot. Press Sautee button sear the pork loin on all sides. Remove and set aside.
  3. Sauté the onions.
  4. Add the remaining ingredients and the pork loin.
  5. Place the lid on the Instant Pot, lock the lid and switch the pressure release valve to closed.
  6. Press the CANCEL button.
  7. Press the meat button and then TIME ADJUSTMENT to 22 minutes.
  8. Once the timer reaches 0, the cooker will automatically switch to KEEP WARM. Press the CANCEL Button. Switch the pressure release valve to open. When the steam is completely released, remove the lid.
  9. I placed the fat side up under broiler to crisp the fat a little, ended up cutting the fat off it was a big chunk.
  10. Let’s Eat!


Instant Pot


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59 thoughts on “Instant Pot – Apple Cider Pork Center Cut Roast or Pork Loin

  1. Wow Steve!…I needed to find you, I just got my Instant Pot and was so excited (but a little scared too)to use it. You have so many of the answers that I had questions to, so glad I clicked on your site. You are on my favs list:)

  2. You cooked your loin roast for 22 minutes and released pressure instantly (rather than slow release which would cook it a little longer), yet the link you provided to Instant Pot’s suggested time tables says 55 – 60 minutes for a pork loin roast. This confuses me. Do you think yours would have just gotten more tender at twice, almost 3 times the cooking length that IP suggests? Or mealy/mushy? Wanting to make this tonight.

      • Thanks so much for the speedy response! 🙂 My almost 3lb roast is not a long center cut loin as yours appears. It seems to be a bigger chunk (not a shoulder/butt, says loin) more the size of a beef roast so, I think I’ll cook it 30 minutes or so and see how it comes out. Thanks for the recipe.

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  4. Hi Steve… I am cooking this recipe tonight but my pork loin is only 1.13 pounds. I was wondering if I should cut the cooking time in half to 11 minutes as opposed to the 22 minutes in this recipe. This is my first time cooking with my new pressure cooker and I’m completely overwhelmed and have no idea ha ha. Thank you in advance for your help!

    • I’m still learning cooking times with the instant pot, I suppose if it is not done then you could always put back in. It makes sense. Let me know how it comes out. Sorry wish I had a better answer.

      • Thank you for your help. I didn’t cook it last night like I had planned but will hopefully be trying it tonight.

  5. wanting to make this. would love to sub canned pineapple with it juice for the hard cider. then stir in some cherry preserves or craisins

  6. This is heading to the IP tonight. Looks yummy. Did you peel the apples? And, did you use the remaining juice to make any sort of sauce or gravy at they end? Thanks for sharing!

  7. i had not found how long in the recipe cause didnt read it all. and found answer in comments. i also quickly released the three times i redid. it took me three tries to get to temp thermometer to pork. i re read then to see why it took me so long.. at least an hour total . on quick venting each time. didnt see what it said about venting. also thought it was manual rather than meat setting as i didnt see it at the ingredient recipe ara. Other than read the whole page, any suggestions for next time for me? i left it on warm afterwards and should have crock pot setting over night.
    i did not sautee either. I also did not use whole onion, instead two packages of dry onion soup. I need advice on these changes as well. Taste was great though. Once it reached pork temp we ate it.

    • The great part of cooking is experimenting , for me onion soup mix is to salty for my tastes. I loosely followed someone else’s recipe and the 22 minutes for the weight and cut I had worked. I did tent it after the broiler and let sit for about 15 minutes so the juices got back into the meat. I’ve done other pork cuts and weights at longer settings. I read somewhere that the slow vent is best for meats comes out more tender. Still experimenting with the instant pot. I’ve done meats with and with out searing I prefer searing. Beef stew without searing was good. Hope these help

      • I’m a bit of a newby, but made this last night and although the end result was SO good, the timing was way off for me. I also didn’t put it on ‘meat’ but on manual. Would that have made the difference? I started with 25 minutes on manual (mine was about 3 lbs) and then after i took it out and cut into it and it was still raw inside, but it back in, brought it to pressure and did another 8 minutes. Then is was perfect.

    • I think you made a completely different recipe!
      This comment kind of highlight all of the little issues we seem to have making the switch from a slow cooker to the IP. Even as a chef, I’m feeling my way around the funky IP quirks but I’ve come up with a few things that I think might help.
      Let’s start off with
      Cooking Rule #1
      Always, always read the whole recipe. Always.
      #2 The Instant Pot is an amazing tool but it is NOT like anything else. The change in cooking times of 1 pork loin and 2 pork loins? No difference at all. Between a 3lb roast and a 5lb? For me, it’s 2 minutes per half pound. Get a chart.
      #3 Sauté. The. Vegetables. Also, sear the meat. IP’s don’t brown anything so all of your fond (good brown bits) is made right at the start.
      #4 It is not a glorified crock pot although it can be used as one. The same recipes won’t necessarily work.
      #5 the IP saves cooking time length but it can take a loooooong time to get up to pressure – I’ve had one take almost 40 minutes – and most recipes don’t include that number. A whole roaster chicken will cook in 27 minutes (in my IP, they do tend to vary a bit). That doesn’t mean it’s on the table in half an hour. Sauté veggies first, sear the chicken, get up to pressure, run at high pressure for 27 minutes, manual release (takes about 3 minutes), which means this recipe takes about an hour.
      #6 Packages of soup mix and cans of Cream of Anything are useful for slow cookers. The IP does not benefit from such products, in my opinion. Put whole food in, get whole food out. Use a couple of onions, salt, onion powders and make your own onion flavoring. Make a cream soup doppelgänger using all kinds of other things – sour cream, cream cheese, half and half, a roux, whatever. It’ll taste better in the briefer cooking time.
      #7 the IP deglazed neaktufu;lay,so don’t skip it. Don’t. If you’re going to wear, make the find then get all the benefits of it – deglaze! If,you’re not a wine drinker, DO NOT BUY COOKING WINE. It’s disgusting. Vermouth is a good sub for white wine because it’s stable when open longer. No wine? Use chicken broth. Actually, toss your canned/boxed beef broth because it doesn’t taste like beef. I use chicken stock for all my meats. Homemade stock. The IP makes some amazing stock in 100 minutes so collect those chicken carcasses, wings and things in a freezer bag and make a stock when you’ve got a bagful. Freeze in cups and cubes. For beef stocks, roast the bones and then pressure cook them. Delicious.
      I’m sitting on a plane right now waiting to come home from Spain, killing time and dreaming of all the new things to cook. Sorry for the long post!

      • I don’t understand this sentence: “the IP deglazed neaktufu;lay,so don’t skip it. Don’t. If you’re going to wear, make the find then get all the benefits of it – deglaze!”

        Here’s what I get: The InstantPot deglazed ?; ?; so don’t skip it. [skip what?]. Don’t. If you’re going to ? , make the ? then get all the benefits of it – deglaze.
        Every ? replaces a word that makes no sense to me in the context.

        So are you simply saying “don’t skip the deglaze step”?

        Thank you.

      • Thank you for your post! I already do what you wrote about glad to see it in print! Do you ever used canned soup as a base for gravies?

  8. Thanks for the recipe! I will also weigh in on the timing. With a 2.5 lb pork loin cooked for 22 minutes, the internal temperature was only around 105 degrees. I think next time I’ll let it run closer to 40 minutes.

  9. I made this recipe as my first stab at cooking in my Instant Pot. It is delicious! I subbed 1 cup apple juice and 1 cup broth for the hard cider. Thank you Steve!

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    • Not sure on frozen I know with chicken it was almost the same but pork, best check with thermometer for safety sake. You can always put back in for short while. Someone mentioned that in comments that they did that a few times. Wish I had better answer for you

  11. Made this tonight w apple cider (regular, not hard) and a couple of the small 1lb. Tenderloins. Manual for 20 min, quick release. Turned out well, everybody enjoyed. Thx for the nice recipe!

  12. This was fabulous, I didn’t have hard cider and used plain and it was great. The apples are a nice compliment to the dish.

  13. Hi Steve, I made this recipe tonight for dinner and myself and the family gave it a thumbs up. The pork was very tasty and juicy. I did thicken the sauce a little with some flour but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I did have to adjust the time a bit, my pork loin was slightly larger than what was called for in the recipe. Thank you for the share.

  14. Just made this tonight. My loins (2.2 lbs) were still frozen in the center, so I upped the time to 25… I probably could’ve gotten away with the 20, so even though not AS moist as I think it could be, it was still delicious. Loved the apples on it (I also added a handful of dried mixed berries).
    Thanks for sharing this!

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  16. I am SO glad you put all the instructions exactly step by step!!Just got my I Pot and have been nervous about using it because all the videos and written instructs have been so vague…your instructs helped me a lot to get at least started…I can feel more confident about experimenting now!Thanks again!♡

    • I have learned that if not done you can always do for another short period. I just tried a beef stew that was a little work but was great will post in next few days. It came out thicker which I like.

  17. This was AMAZING!!!! Thanks ever so much for the recipe, Steve.

    I made it with two pork loins, totaling 3 pounds. Browned them one at a time so had a lot of pork and spices stuck to the bottom.

    Added a bit more oil, sautéed the onions, tossed in the apples for a minute to mix them up and then added the cider and scraped the bottom to finish the deglazing process. The sautéing and adding the cider allowed me to get all the yummy bits off the bottom and into the mix so there was nothing to burn when I put the pork back in. Set it to 25 minutes.

    It was perfect! I can’t wait to try another of your recipes 🙂

  18. Being a widow, cooking for one can be a problem. I just purchased an Instant Pot and I am in love again. The Instant Pot is amazing.

    I cheated a little or a lot on your recipe. I had purchased a 1.5 pound pork loin roast. I seasoned the roast with salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme then browned it in a little canola oil on the sauté setting in the I/P . Then added 1 package of Stouffer’s Harvest Apples (available in the freezer of your grocery store) and 1/2 cup chicken broth. Pressed meat, low pressure, 18 minutes. I used the slow pressure release method.

    The results are amazing!!! The roast was tender, juicy and had so much flavor.

    Thank you for the information on cooking pork loin. Several sites mentioned this was not a good cut of meat for pressure cooking because it is so lean. I am so happy I found your site.

  19. Oh, I forgot to add that next time I would use onions or a little vinegar to cut the sweet taste of the Harvest Apples.

  20. I am new to the IP as well. This was in fact only my 2nd time using it. This recipe has great flavor (I used regular apple cider). My apples turned to mush as well but tasted great with the onion with the pork so no worries there. I can’t think how they wouldn’t be soft. I was worried 22 minutes wasn’t enough but I think some of those charts are not factoring in we sauteed it first. 22 minutes for 2 pork loins from Costco weighing just under 2.5 pounds was actually too long. I got readings over 200 degrees. Now how his came out like the picture with so much seasonings still attached I don’t know. I skipped the broil step so maybe that’s why but I doubt it. Either way great option for flavorful pork. We are going to use the leftovers in tacos!

  21. I followed the recipe pretty closely (I didn’t have hard cider, only fresh sweet cider), my roast was a little under 2.5 lbs, but the roast was raw in the centre. I just pan-fried the slices for a minute, and I’ll cook it for longer next time. I would have put it back in the Instant Pot for more time but it was 9 o’clock and I had to get dinner on the table! Very tasty though, I’d make it again.

  22. I wanted to use my new IP that Santa brought. I’ve used it once. I saw this recipe and I had a pork loin half in my freezer. I thawed it. I didn’t have any apple cider or juice, but I did have orange juice. I followed the recipe with these changes: 1\4 cup low sodium soy sauce, 1 cup orange juice and the zest of 1 orange instead of the apple cider. Omit the sliced apples. All the rest is the same. 22 minutes, with natural pressure release. It was wonderful! Sort of like an orangy teriyaki sauce, with the onion. The pork was perfectly done, very tender and silky. We spooned some sauce over the sliced meat. My husband loves it. Thanks for the base recipe! I’ll try it next time.

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