Xmas Dinner with Rose in mind

Memories of my Mother in-law Rose’s typical Sunday Dinner inspired our Xmas dinner. picture homemade pasta, sauce, meatballs, lasagna, roasted potatoes & carrots, bread and some times some Braciola and or a pork roast. I did cut back on the pasta have to watch the carbs you know. I remember her asking if you wanted seconds and she would hold your plate in one hand (so you could not pull it away) and load up your plate with more than you first plate full held.

Anyway made Lasagna, meatballs, sauce, loaf of Italian bread, Lyn mad her version of menese (sp) soup (similar to Italian wedding soup), Italian wedding cookies that melted in your mouth, moist chocolate pistachio cake. Like I said no pasta we had enough in the lasagna.

I hope she approved and was smiling from above. Love and miss you Rose.

Our grandchild Sofie enjoyed the meal she was quite active in Gail’s tummy after.


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