Dumpling Banquet

My daughter in-law Gail and I had a Homemade Chinese Dumplings ala Chef Gail where she showed me how to make dumplings that was fun. They are expecting their first child Sofia and her parents are her to visit. This was the first time we have met them other than virtually and it was great fun. Her Mom and Dad graciously decided to make a dumpling banquet for us.

I was good at the prep work and laughable at the rolling out of the wrappers and stuffing them. Dicing Chinese chives, and cabbage and was complemented on my skills. I even got to mix the pork stuffing and there were no faces so I must have done it right, I’ve never mixed using chop sticks. I finally gave up and continue to watch them rolling out the wrappers at lighten speed and her mom was very patient with me when showing how to stuff but I Gail told me that using store bought wrappers and home made were different I just couldn’t get it down.

What I did get was eating them nothing better than homemade. We made two kinds pork and shrimp and chives. Important to make sure that each one had a piece of shrimp in them. They also had premade a batch of meat dumplings and froze for us to take home.

What I learned, you boil them 3 times first bring water to boil then add about a cup of cold water do this three times. this is also covered. If they are frozen wait for the water to boil and then add the dumplings and follow above steps. I have the concept down on how to seal. I got better at chop sticks but her dad slipped me a fork halfway through the meal. Oh they have a custom to have a bowl of the water the dumplings were cooked in to sip from time to time during the meal. I also learned that there was no way I could match their eating speed. I also learn that leftover are great the next day fried.

Impressive fact her Dad took her Mom to the hospital to give birth on a bicycle about 20-30 minutes a way.

the last two pictures are something her mom made earlier.


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