Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins and Pepper Biscuits

Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins and Pepper Biscuits

Richard and I were talking about the good old days and Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins came up, that naturally got me onto the kitchen gadgets. I was a sucker for those things when a kid he used to do demonstrations at Jordan Marsh. My Mom literally had her top shelfs full of all these that I got her for mother’s day every year.

slice and dice

Now that I think about it She was never over 5 feet tall and the top shelf was a wasteland to her she was a good Mom she never used them but she did keep them on display so I thought. Anyway Richard found his Mom’s recipe for the muffins and these pepper biscuits I bet they are both up there smiling down at us right now. Notice his mom like more sugar and blueberries or was that for Richard’s sweet tooth.

Jordan marsh

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Reality check

Reality check

I am trying to see how I am doing, so far just a few comments not that I expected hundreds this early on or ever, and I am just overwhelmed that I have 67 followers between Facebook and my blog I could not imagine when I began that anyone would be interested in what I cook or write about.

I am learning things everyday about writing recipes, taking pictures, cropping pictures the list goes on….

I need your help.

What I am looking for is how am I doing, any suggestions, what might you like to see, what improvements would you suggests, what should I stop doing? I have so many recipes that I don’t prepare any more but they were/are good, should I share those? I could go on but I won’t….

I am asking is that if possible, would you could you make the comments on the blog site not Facebook, I know it’s an extra click and wait but hey it’s for a friend right. Use the comment section at bottom of recipe and let me know what you think. Exchange ideas to try. Rate the dish if you tried it, there is the “Rate this” section below the Title then others might think to try.

But most importantly I encourage you to enjoy cooking and eating and watching for that smile on someone’s face when they take the first bite and shake their head.

Thanks so much!